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About fitlab
FitLab is a full body fusion HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) and Strength Training Workout. Each challenging 60 minute workout is designed to provide a functional full body workout for all fitness levels, that will enhance muscular strength and endurance while improving a client's metabolic rate, body fat composition, and energy levels.





A new challenging workout

About fitlab
Boutique fitness is Great! Boutique studios generally are between 1,500 - 2,000 sf and are either cardio based ( Cyclebar, Row House ) or HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) based ( Orange Theory, F45, Shred 415 ). Boutique classes generally last from 45 minutes to an hour. HIIT workouts generally consist of a variety of cardio, strength training, core, and plyometric based exercises. Boutiques, due to their size, generally have limited strength equipment. ( Leg Press, Smith Machines, Squat Racks, etc ).

FitLab's 3 studio concept, while still considered boutique fitness, is able to provide not only the traditional HIIT Boutique concept equipment and exercises, but also a variety of strength equipment and exercises unseen in other boutique concepts.

The Blue Room

The Blue Room consists of treadmills, Versa Climbers, Concept 2 Rowers and Skiers, Stairmasters, Plate loaded Nautilus Equipment, vertical leg press, Smith machine and more! Unlike most boutique studios the Blue room is equipped for workouts that allow us to focus on strength!

Group Training Studio

The group training studio is the newest of the 3 FitLab training studios. It offers indoor / outdoor training access, plate loaded equipment, Concept 2 Rowers, and Skiers, Cycles, and treadmills, Turf, Free Weight Equipment, Plate loaded Tractor, Rogue Jungle Gym and functional equipment. The group training studio is great for functional fitness and HIIT style workouts!

Big Turf Studio

A great way to describe the Big Turf Studio would be if the Group Training Studio and The Blue Room had a baby. The Big Turf Studio is a balance between strength training and functional training equipment. The Big Turf Studio consists of Smith Press, Nautilus Glute Thruster, Leg Press. Seated Leg Extension, Hip Adduction / Abduction


What our members are saying

A few years ago (in the before times) I had been doing some small group classes at the gym I was attending. The instructors were impressed with my strength, but they weren’t able to help me progress. I was invited to try Fitlab  by a friend and I haven’t looked back! I love the variety and the energy. Will is an excellent instructor who gives serious thought to keeping you safe while making sure you are always trying to achieve your next fitness goal (he can also help you figure out what that is). Fitlab stresses the importance of nutrition to make sure you’re getting what your body needs as you put it through some serious work. At 49, I’m stronger than I was in my 20s and 30s, and every workout is a new adventure!

- Erika L

Fitlab took me from unmotivated to motivated In all aspects of life! Lost 32 lbs after attending these classes and following my nutrition program. Never been happier. FitLab truly changed my life!


“Fitlab’s (Will) training program has truly transformed my fitness journey. Will’s dedication, expertise, and personalized workouts have pushed me to new heights. I’ve seen incredible results in just a few months - increased strength, improved endurance, and a healthier lifestyle overall. Thanks to Will, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made!”


Will Coleman at Fitlab Denver has been my coach since 2016. I’ve been on and off of my fitness/nutrition journey for the past few years but I always find myself coming back to Fitlab. Will and the amazing community at Fitlab always welcome old and new members with open arms. I can truly say that I am at my healthiest, strongest, and best when working out with Fitlab’s training program. Now after having my first baby I’m back in action with my Fitlab workouts. With Will’s help, I am already fitter, leaner, and more motivated than ever to push myself to be a better and healthier version of me. In just a few weeks I’m not only looking good/feeling good, but I have also been able to keep up with my toddler due to the increase of endurance I’m feeling. Thank you Fitlab/Will for being the community I need for keeping me accountable and healthy

- Emily

Simply put, FitLab is the best! The workouts are innovative, effective, and fun. In addition to achieving great results, you get to make friends and be part of a supportive workout community. FitLab was a game changer for my fitness/health and now I can’t imagine my week without it!

- Caitlin

Not much gets me out of bed at 5 am other than FitLab. I love that I am always being challenged and pushed. Will does a great job of creating new workouts everyday. I have tried spin classes, Pilates, and all kinds of classes and Will at FitLab is hands down my favorite way to stay in shape

- Tawny George